Oct 13 - 19
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The RALLY ADVENTURE GEORGIA is helping to create a new vision for automotive competition: no speed, no stopwatch, just a return to the source of adventure. Discover the pleasure of driving without speed, using your road-book to reach a series of checkpoints set up along predefined off-road routes. Method, precision, daring, courage, sharing, endurance and perseverance are the keys to 

SUCCESS : the goal is to drive the shortest possible distance, off-road, while reaching all of the checkpoints. The ranking is determined by adding together the extra kilometres driven and penalty kilometres for any checkpoints not reached and calls for mechanical assistance.






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The rally is accessible for anyone in good health. The competition legs may be long, but the organization team is
there to reassure you with its technical support and professionalism. There is no particular physical training necessary but it is very important not to start the competition already
tired, so get lots of sleep beforehand and take your vitamins, get some exercise to stay in shape and all will be well!

The Rally last for 6 days and 5 nights, will cover up to 2000km, depens what route you choose. There will be 3 single stages and two, 48h stage, on 48h stage you will have to sleep in the camping tents in Racha and Adjara region. 

No, the last date to register is 4 Oct. 2019. If you are not sure you can book your participation place 

Yes, the whole event will be photographed and filmed by the professional team of  camera operators. After the event media pack will be delivered to all participants and sponsors. Also a after movie will be processed and shared across the web. 

€4,000 per team of 2 persons. The registration fees include: registration of the driver, nco-driver and vehicle for 7
days of off-road competition, accommodation and meals, fuel, insurance, mechanical assistance, a team of
organizers on location… No unpleasant surprises during this event.

Green fields, rivers, forests, mud, rocks, bucolic landscapes and scenic villages

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The Rally will cross almost the whole country, it will start in the capital Tbilisi in direction of the Eastern regions, that will pass from the hight mountains of Caucasus to the sea Black Sea, and return by another path, partly off-road.

The mountains occupy thirds of Georgia. In the south there are the mountains of the Minor Caucasus (2,000–3,000 m above the sea level). In the north – the ridges of the Major Caucasus (up to 5,000 m above the sea level). The highest peak of Georgia is Mount Shakhra (5,068).The southern slopes of the Major Caucasus are crisscrossed by deep river valleys. There is also well developed system of karstic caves (over 470) with the largest of them, Novoafon (3.3 km long, 50,000 sq. km).

RAG 2019 Route

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